Starting tricks

I bought a 2007 kx250f yesterday and the owner started it right up when it was cold. I used to have a cr85 which was very easy to start. Now I can't get the bike started does anyone have any tips on how to get them started?

Did you give it gas while trying to start it? If so you might have fouled the plug.

Yes I gave a little gas but I got it started twice

Got it started twice it's good now but a pain in the ass to get started

make sure you kickstart is at TDC, and give it a kick with out giving it gas. Also, make sure your choke is pulled out for cold starts.


have fun!

It doesn't start like a small 2 stroke. I give it a slow kick to get to tdc. Make sure there's fuel in the carb then give it a solid kick and it always starts 1st or second kick. Never give it gas. Sometimes when it's hot I give a little gas

you can either tilt it on its side to get gas into the carb or twist the throttle 3 times before you kick it.. works every time on my 250

If its a carb model do this . 


Turn on fuel tap 

Lean bike over till fuel runs out the carb overflow tube

Pull chock knob 

turn throttle full open twice, quite fast

Dont touch the throttle and kick with full kicks , not fast short kicks.


Should start in 3 kicks , if not starting like this then check valve clearances.    

Mine was a bitch to start until I found what works for me, based on what I had for jetting. I live at 1200' elevation, and I ride from my door to about 4000'.

I run a 40 pilot, fuel screw turned all the way in. Its lean yes, but I give it 5 cranks of the throttle, then she fires up, first kick. I pull on the choke, and let it warm up.

Its never more than a 1 or two kick bike now, and its never flooded on me.

If bike doesn't start after 4 kick there's something wrong with it and I will do the follow:

Did you check the spark plug? Check the carb is clean. Check the carb needle is on the right turn.

If you have Spark and fuel then you might check more in depth.


Good Luck.

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