Worst mechanic ever?

Ok so you've probably seen my name pop up and here i am again!

My bike doesn't seem to want to work. I have an 05 drz400sm, 12000miles, bike rode fantastic before i got my hands on it lol

I rejected it with a jd kit. 160 main, 22.5 pilot with extended fuel screw,2 and a half turns out, standard air filter, scorpion exhaust system, 4th clip on the blue needle, sea level, 3x3 air hole cut.

I'm getting a loss of power through the higher revs and speed. I'm unsure if everything is connected properly. The port on the float bowl has been blocked off with the pipe that it connects to on the bottom of the carb has been blocked too. The solenoid has been removed. The valve that faces the air box has been plugged too.

4 weeks my bike has been off the road,i went with jd advice and went 160 and it ran better for a while but now its back to how it started.

Any advice? Or anyone near me in sittingbourne, kent that could help me out or recommend anyone to help me?

Some pictures might help.  We need to figure out if you have correctly removed the PAIR valve that feeds air into the exhaust and the Solenoid Valve that affects slide height in certain gears.  I'm hoping you have not blocked off the float bowl vent hose.  The carburetor top cap probably has a nipple on it for the slide control.  That needs to be well sealed.

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