WR or YZ?

So I've been looking in to getting a new bike (its time to rid of the 230) and I'm pretty set on Yamaha. I have to buy used I just can't afford a new bike. I do mostly trail riding. I do race hare scrambles and I'm looking into starting some track stuff. I'm 6' 2" 220 if that makes a difference. I've been looking at the YZ250f mainly. Is the WR something I should strongly consider or will the YZ be good for what I'm looking for? Used WR's are very hard to come by in Wisconsin apparently...

I've owned a 2005 YZ250F and a 2013 WR450F, both of which I have since sold.  I really liked the power of the WR450F and the electric start but found that at +/- 275 lbs. wet, it could be a handful in tight trails.


My current bike is a YZ250, set up for the woods.  For me it was the best of both worlds, gobs of power when I need it and a very light platform.  The one thing I do still have to get used to is hopping over obstacles as opposed to crushing over them with the WR.


I've never ridden  WR250F, but I would think that the power might be a bit light for you.  That being said, I suppose it would still be an upgrade from the 230.

You are right about 2007+ WR250F being hard to come by in wisconsin. Im in the Milwaukee area and luckily found a plated one in aurora il. if you look on craigslist there are a couple of older WR250's for sale.  I almost settled for a YZF but I am happy I didn't. I really enjoy the electric start and being able to dual sport it (even tough you may not be trying to plate it). one bad thing about the WR is that it lacks in power in stock form. My brothers yz85 can stick with me up to 40 but my exhaust and jets are being shipped now. I would suggest checking out this post to see the pros and cons.


WR for trailriding and occasional harescrambles. YZF for racing and MX only.

The electric start, plusher suspension and bigger fuel tank make it a far more versatile bike. Plus it's real easy to add extra horsepower to the WR if you need it - just change the exhaust cam, rejet and open up the exhaust.


Im 230 lbs and ride an 05 WR250 in the woods and rocky trails and am quicker than most people on their 350s / 450s etc.

Get a yz as you can use it at the track and it can be converted with a few mods to make a great woods bike. From what I've read the wr is not a bike to race with.

Another thought: since you are going used, be aware that older 4 strokes (older than 7 or so years) can have costly problems. In your situation a 2 stroke yz250 or maybe a yz125 if you bored it out to 144 would be a good woods bike and for the track (if you wanted to stick to Yamaha). Nothing against the 4 stroke, just wanted to make sure you see your options and decide from there.

I've owned both.  I purchased a new 2008 WRF, a new 2011 YZF, and then a new 2015 YZF.  I only ride off-road and I much prefer the YZF over the WRF because of the weight difference.  I would not even want the YZFX because of the extra weight.  I don't want or need an electric start because it always comes with a lot of extra weight.  The wide ratio gear box, 18" tire, etc. are not all positives either IMO.  Lightness is the most important factor to me. 

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