Dr350 wiring

Hello people i bought an ex road dr350 in parts and building it into a dirt bike only, ive done many searchs but still confused about the wiring. Its got a 8 wire stator abd wondered if some1 could make me a idiot proof diagram on what wires and parts i need to make it run.

I want just a kill switch and kick start

Any help would br great! Thanks

what year?

stator connectors & number of pins each?

CDI connectors & number of pins each?

does it have a battery?

Unsure of the year of the bike but here goes

Stator 8 wires green,black,blue,yellow one plug

White seperate wire

Black seperate wire

Orange seperate wire

3x yellow one plug


Seperate brown and white

Green,blue,black,yellow one plug

Blue/black, blue/red, white/red, green/red one plug

Black/white, black/yellow, white/blue one plug

Ive a rectifier/reg with black/white,red,black/orange one plug

3xyellow one plug

No battery

I think thats everything

put your kill switch between Black/white (ground or earth) & black/yellow going to the CDI.

What about all of this :s do i need it all? image_1.jpg

unless you change your stator/ rectifier/ CDI to DR350 (not S) you'll need to hook up some of it.

ok so ill just connect it all up and tape away wat not connected

Thanks for the help

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