2012 Ktm150sx Top End Rebuild (With Pictures)

Ok so in my last post I said how there was a lot of carbon build up and that I bought the bike used. The bike has 40+ hours on it could be more not sure so for my safety I'm going to be rebuilding the top end and be putting an hour meter on it to know how many hours it will have. I just started taking it apart and I will be posting pictures as I go along. 











So I ordered the piston kit ad while I'm waiting I will be cleaning the cylinder and power valve here are some pictures of me taking it apart and then I will have pictures after its done being cleaned. Also any good ways for cleaning the carbon?









Alright so I spent almost 1-2 hours getting the valve really clean it was covered in so much carbon. Here is the before and after. 






Alright so I spent almost 1-2 hours getting the valve really clean it was covered in so much carbon. Here is the before and after.

Get rid of the Klotz. It's dirty and will gum up everything. I switched from Klotz to Amsoil Intimidator 3 years ago and my cylinder and PV stay clean.

Ok so I finished cleaning the power valves and put it back together and made sure the timing is right here are some pictures.





Also if anyone can let me know if this piston wear is normal and let me know if its running to lean. I'm pretty sure its running good because I had no bog issues or fouled spark plugs. Any help is appreciated.






Can anyone tell me if the piston shows any sign of the bike running lean? Or is this normal wear.

yeah looks perfect mate

Alright so I got the piston kit in today and rebuilt it sorry for not having any pictures I took my time as I did not wan't to mess anything up. I will try to show a video of the bike running. But the bike runs great it started 2 kick and revs nice. Also before I had an idling issue where the bike would not idle no matter what I did to the carb and I guess cleaning the power valve helped it out. 

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