Not really sure if I am asking im the right place or not because I'm new. I just picked up a 2007 ktm 250sx. I was changing the transmission oil when I noticed a bunch of metal shavings on the magnetic drain bolt. I thought it didn't seem too out of the ordinary until I pulled out some big metal peices and a small screw! The metal peices that came out seem to make up half of a transmission spacer. No idea where the screw came from. My questions are, what may have caused this? What will I need to fix this? Is anything else more than likely damaged because of this? I will post pictures when I figure out how.

That's not good at all. New clutch.

People that sell other people their problems and try to hide it ought to be shot. :rant:

That's not good at all. New clutch.

time to take it apart

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