XR200R piston & cylinder damage

Hey guys,

Bought this bike for a few hundred bucks, it was smoking a bit (white smoke) so I decided to do some work on her. It looks pretty messed up.

This is my first time working with an engine, so I wanted some advice on what needs to be done / costs of fixing it up...


see pics.. I circled a spot on the crankcase where it looks like is slightly offset (can feel it)


How bad is it, doc?








What does rod feel like? I have feeling crank let go from looks of parts.

Ah you're right there's some marks on the rod, I didn't even notice... How does that happen?


Carnage happens....

Some times a $200.00 bike is not such a great deal.....

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Well I knew the bike wasn't perfect, and in the end I can always part it out and come out on top.


Any opinion on whether it's worth fixing?

If your going to keep it and ride it a lot for many years then fix it and keep it.


If your going to fix it to sell it then it's a loosing proposition.

Yeah I see what u mean. I do really like it but I guess keeping it depends on how much $$ it will be to get it in decent shape.

What's in store for it? a rebore, new cylinder, and opening the bottom end to look for random shrapnel? lol


Purchase an OEM Factory Honda Shop manual. Read and understand it.

Locate a machinist that knows the engine inside and out. (PM Teamrude)

You have a solvent tank, air compressor, good tools, a work bench, lighting, and a Torque wrench, correct?


Bore cylinder, install piston and rod kit, cam chain and sprockets, valve job, gasket set, clean centrifugal oil filter, clean air filter, replace spark plug, etc, etc. by the looks of those photos, more than likely you will need a new camshaft and rocker arms?

While its completely apart, clean,clean, and clean some more. Inspect every single part for wear. Label zip lock bags and store clean/ good pieces in them until reassembly.

(I use Tupperware that I collected at garage sales over the years)

Order and collect all needed parts.

While parts are on order, clean the rest of the bike and look for other items that need attention, servicing, replacement and get those on order or serviced also.

Clean your work bench and all tools. Make sure your environment is as dust free as possible while you re-assemble the engine.

Lay out all required tools, parts, nuts, bolts, gaskets, so you know it's all there before you start re-assembly.

Lube all threads that you don't need locktite on.

Use your Torque wrench on everything possible.

Use "lint Free" shop towels

Lay a clean sheet or tarp of some sort on the bench first.

DO NOT USE A "Claw Hammer" for ANYTHING.

An industrial strength blow dryer (Heat Gun) and a freezer comes in extremely handy for installing the crankshaft (and bearings) as well as transmission bearings

Plan a whole day for re-assembly without interruptions.

You should be able to assemble and re-install the engine in one day.

These are the basics....and my opinion.

Also, "in my opinion", Break it in hard for 1/2 hour, change oil again, adjust the valves again (cold engine) and enjoy your accomplishment/new toy.

Using quality parts and with quality machine work and assembly, your bike will last many years.

I am positive that "Chuck" and " Teamrude" (and many others here on TT) can add lots more advice on the subject.

Wow that was a great post, thank you. I think i'm going to look in my area and get a quote from a machinist to start

Before you ask for a quote you need to verify condition of cam and head and crankshaft. If ran out of oil and hurt cam journal on head or cam it gets spendy. If those are worn then most likely crank needs rebuilt also. Take it to a real motorcycle mechanic and have him disassemble and inspect. May be cheaper to replace with decent used motor. Building new motor from scratch can be from minor to major in costs. Get Honda service manual first though. Will have all specs for your mechanic.

You didn't say what year.

All of the XR200 engines are pretty much the same but there were changes thru the years so get a Honda Service Manual that covers the year of your engine. Not Clymer, or other, but Honda because they are the best for the engine.


I enlarge and print out the part fiche diagrams for the tranny, shifter, and kicker. Then add info from the part desciptions to the bearing, seals, washers, clips, etc to help sort out parts and ID where they go. Info you need are washer sizes and type, bolt length, clip type, etc.  Careful examination of the diagrams and pictures in the Service manual will help you to install the gears in the correct orientation. Also Honda uses a mix of shift dog counts, some 3 and some 4, so make sure the holes in gears suit the engaging dogs. 

A solvent cleaning tank helps because there will be a lot of metallic debris in a bad engine that must be removed or it will harm the rebuilt engine.  I use 5 gallons of paint thinner in mine and filter the solvent after each use into a sealed 5 gallon cant where more solids will settle out before next use.

I also use aerosol carb cleaner to clean and check all oil passages in the cases and head, gotta make sure all of the oil metering orifices are clear.  

The late model oil pump is 50% larger than the early, supercedes the early pump, and is the only one available from Honda; a good option for a modded engine. 

I final clean all bearings  by spinning them by hand immersed in gasoline until all the roughness is gone, then oil and store. If the roughness doesn't go away the bearing is bad.

It's a 97 and I have a service manual. I think the bottom end is in decent shape, it shifts nice, clutch seemed good, piston rod has some marks on it but there very little play on it. Ill have to see when i get it open. The cam journal does have some noticeable wear I think I'll keep my eyes open for a head at a decent price

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