High end whistle on xr650l

I'm new to the big pig world so my question is do these bike have a sort of whistle noise high speed say like 50 mph? Any comments or info leading to answers will be great fully appreciated.

Mine whistles Dixie. :lol:


Sorry, couldn't resist.  I haven't heard any whistling from mine.  I can't hear much over my tires howling and exhaust thumpity-thumping though.  I've never ridden a stock one.  


I did have a very faint "whistle" (more of a squeak) coming from a dry wheel seal lip when I swapped on my new wheels and spacers.  I only noticed it at low speeds.  I sprayed a little silicone lubricant on it and haven't heard it again.    


Can you pick out a particular area you are hearing the noise coming from?

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No mine was stock for a long time and didn't whistle. Not to be captin obvious but did you consider it could be your helmet?

head gasket could if leaking, also could be a vacuum leak, but with both, it wouldnt run very well probably hot.

Mine runs well it idles well and throttle response is there. But I can hear a high pitch wining in the motor. Very faint when idling. Seems to come and go when going around bend in the road. Could it be my front tire?Could it have a vacuum leak? Sounds more like a jet taking off. I can hear it over the tire noise. I just recently bought it from the first owner with 7543 miles on it. Didn't notice the noise until I took it out for a ride on the high way. Don't want to make things worse if there is a problem with it. Can you guys help me as well?

Sometimes the obvious eludes me. It wasn't my bike whistling Dixie. It is my new bolster goggles. I took my bike for a ride without my helmet and just sunglasses. Couldn't hear the whistle. Rode eighty miles with the wife the other day. She rides a Suzuki DRZ 400. Anyhow I started hearing the whistle I put my hand over my left lens and dam the whistle stopped. I lmfao for about a mile. So obvious face palm!

Well the high pitch noise came back loader than ever, wasn't wearing my helmet or goggles. With further investigation cause this was really ticking me off. I took into consideration a comment from holler head, that he had an issue with his front bearing. So i sprayed some liquid graphite in there and took off for work with my helmet on no goggles and wouldn't you know the noise was completely gone. Hats off to you holler head for making my headache disappear. You rock dude!

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