reJet issues 2005 wr450

I just rejetted my 2005 wr450 and it wouldn't start. I ordered the kit from 6sigma on ebay. All that came with the kit was a 170 main and a 55 pilot. I was rather disappointed that the kit had no needle! Anyway, instructions said to install the jets and put the needle on 3rd clip from bottom and air fuel screw 2 turns out.

It wouldn't start until I put the stock pilot back in and 2 1/2 turns fuel screw and I had to pull the hot start in. it still runs rough and needs hot start to start cold or warm. So, since I need to use hot start to start it, would this mean that it's jetted to rich and I need to lean it out or to lean and need to richen? any help would be greatly appreciated.



My mods are: fmf slip on, gray wire cut, air box mod, ais removal.

so I turned the air screw so it's half turn out. I have a 170 main and 45 pilot, stock needle is 3rd from top. It runs ok like this but not perfect and no room for adjustment on air screw. my elevation is under 1500 feet. Any ideas on how to get this thing dialed in better? should I be going up on the pilot? needle? Any help would be great. Thanks

Those jets are junk

Not flow tested, so they are almost random sizes

Keihin, or JD jets only


You have to start with the idle really low before adjusting the fuel screw, or you will be over comensating for the raised slide position (lean)


Read the FAQ and jetting threads in the WR forum at the top

Thanks for the advice Krannie. I think you are right about the jets because I've rejetted many bikes and never had this muchof an issue! I'm just gonna get the JD kit  since it seems to have the best reviews.

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