01 CR 250 Coolant

So yesterday i started my bike and let it idle for a few minutes. All of the sudden i noticed that coolant was on the floor. So i found out that my bike was leaking coolant from the clutch side case where the waterpump impeller is. So i went with a little bit of gasket maker and tried to seal it cause it was really minimal. While i rided the bike i was checking the radiator and the bike was mising coolant not too much but it was still missing. And the bike felt hot like if it was overheating. What could that be? Faulty waterpump seal's? Head gasket? Or just the clutch side gasket?

It was probably missing coolant because of the leak so try and fill it with colloquy and see if it still loses coolant

I already ordered the clutch side gasket and waterpump gasket's just for the peace of mind.

I would say water pump and or clutch side gasket if it was head gasket it would just pour out overflow when you apply throttle and be pouring out pure white smoke from exhaust you would definitely know.....or at least I did when I popped my head gasket last year

Get the waterpump seals & take note of the waterpump shaft. I'd it has any grooves in it, replace it too.

Thank's guy's im waiting for the gasket's to come in i will update as soon as i install them.

Where exactly was coolant leaking from?  The 01 CR250 has a 'telltale hole' that will leak coolant if the impeller water seal is bad.

It was leaking from the clutch case cover on the bottom. I don't know if you can understand me lol.

I think I do... The water pump impeller cover has two gaskets with a metal plate in between them.  I assume you are talking about this area.  Could be the gaskets but it could also be coolant leaking from the telltale hole which would mean the impeller shaft and/or water seal is bad.  Do you have a service manual?  The manual explains it all. 

I don't have the manual i know the 01 pretty good it's my 3rd one lol. But she is not leaking from the waterpump cover she is leaking from the clutch case cover. Below the waterpump cover.

Right.  That would still be the water seal and/or impeller shaft.  Odd that it would leak only coolant through that gasket.  I would expect it to leak transmission oil as well.

So i turned the bike on like 5 minutes agó she was smoking white like hell and i found this. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439418269.158607.jpg

So i'm thinking i have to replace radiator's and impeller?

If it is blowing lots of white smoke out the exhaust you could have more serious problems as that means coolant is entering the combustion chamber.  Bad head gasket, cracked cylinder, head etc.  Do a leak down test.  Fix that problem first and then check the radiator, impeller shaft, and water seal.

At least i already ordered the seals but i know now for sure that i have a bad radiator. But the thing is i don't believe it's the head gasket. I rev the bike and it doesn't blast water on the overflow hose. It just leak's a few drop's slowly. I think it's the impeller.

Quite possible.  Although a bad impeller shaft or water seal shouldn't cause the bike to burn coolant, but I cannot tell from where I'm sitting.  I have no doubt you will find the problem once you get into it :)

Here's my impeller.. [LK564090682CNLK564090682CNattachment=263705:ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439594952.462983.jpg]

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439594952.462983.jpg

It had little grooves and i mistakenly broke it getting it out.

You need to pull the right side case/clutch cover off as well. The impeller which you showed in the picture is not the piece that goes bad. The shaft that you pulled that from has a gear on the other side of it that engages the crank and clutch gears to drive that impeller. The shaft of that gear passes through two seals, one to hold the coolant towards the impellar, and another one to hold the trans oil in. Once that shaft gets grooves in it it will chew up those two seals and let everything mix together. The weep hole where you saw coolant dripping from is in the middle of those two seals. It's there as a safety to warn you that the seals are bad. You will need the right side case/clutch cover gasket, water pump gaskets (there are 3 total), the oil and water seals, and possible a new water pump gear/shaft. You"ll be into it about 100-120 US dollars if you need the shaft as well. You really should buy a service manual. Inspect that shaft closely where the seals ride. Anything that catches your finger nail and it needs replaced because it will ruin the new seals. As far as the leaking radiator and white smoke that's anyone's guess. Bad water pump seals doesn't allow coolant to enter combustion chamber on a two stroke. It looks like at minimum you have a cracked radiator. Either find someone who can weld soft aluminum or better yet buy the aftermarket oversized radiators off eBay for 80-100 dollars. Honda East Toledo has the best prices on OEM parts here in the states.

I already replaced all those 3 thing's i ordered those gpi radiator's i hope i dont get any fit issues with them..

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