handguards/bark busters for pro taper bar

I have a 2011 YZ450, and Im doing some shopping for handguards/bark busters. My handlebars are pro tapers, not sure on the model, but at the end of the bars, they look to be 7/8", but towards the bar clamps, the bar becomes oval in shape, and I'm having a hard time finding handguards with clamps that fit that oval shape. Can anyone point me in the right direction on finding handguards that fit this bar? 


Note: not looking for roost guards, I'm looking for the full aluminum handguards.



There is a mounting kit for the Cycra Pro Bends that uses the handlebar bolts on the triple clamps instead of the bars themselves.

They are nice also. I personally like the enduro engineering. Once you have the guards spend the extra $ and get the threaded inserts for the end of the bars


The above link is probably not for your bike just so you know what I mean. Make sure to order the right ones for your bars. They make the woods hand guard system much tighter and they won't move as easy when to hit stuff

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