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Drz125l fuel problem

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Hello. So I have a 2005 Drz125l that I recently got off of my cousin.

He recently put a brand new carb on it.

Yesterday I rode it for 4 hours and it ran fine.

Today, I tried to ride and when I did it seemed to bog out and it would stall and I would try to start it again but it wouldn't start.

Then when I did get it started after an hour of trying to start it, I could finally start it but it only ran with the choke completely on.

I looked online and at my carb and it doesn't have a air screw or fuel screw.

The carb seems to be a Mikuni Vm2055

The only thing I did this morning was adjust the idle speed screw.

It's a brand new carb so I have no idea what's going on.

Please help me.

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UPDATE: when I got it running it was sort of puttering and after pulling the plug it seems to be running lean.

It seems to be sort of skipping a cycle. It's a constant putter from the exhaust and then every few cycles it seems to skip. Almost like when a human heart skips a beat. That's the best way I know how to describe it.

Should I just order a new carb?

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