Bike keeps bogging out

I just bought a 2006 rm125, the first thing I noticed was that it idles low and if I don't blip the throttle it'll die out. I also noticed i had the lay the throttle on slowly for it accelerate smoothly without bogging

But I was just cruising around my neighborhood 4th gear maybe half throttle and it bogged out and wouldn't start. When I got it to start again it seemed to have no power at all and would stall after a minute or two.

I ended up taking the carb out and wasn't dirty, but I touched it up and made sure the jets were clear. I'm thinking it is a problem with the carb but everything seems to be in good condition. I was also wondering what the factory settings for carb are.

Also, according to the previous owner it has less than 4 hours on a top end rebuild.

Mid someone could help me out that would be great.

It's a two stroke for the track.

It has NO power below the power band, which is the last 2,000 rpms.

That motor has peak power only, not much else.

You cannot ride it like a trail bike or a four stroke

You must stay in the highest rpms at all times, and use the clutch to help get you there if you have to.


Adjust your air screw for highest idle, then raise or lower the idle with the idle screw

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