Liquid cooled

I am new to liquid cooled bikes. Ive always had an air cooled bike and i just bought an CRF250r which is liquid cooled. Fill me in on information about this. Do you change the liquid? Just keep adding to it? How to know when the bike is overheating? Etc.

Fill coolant to top of fins, change every couple years. Its over heating if there is steam coming out of the overflow tube from the radiator cap

Change it every 150 hrs, use a pre mixed coolant that's mixed 50/50 water and antifreeze. Water cooled bikes don't usually overheat as easy as air cooled bikes depending on some variables. Idrk of any signs that it'll starting to overheat, maybe the radiator cap will fly, the bike will have sluggish acceleration, or just shut down. You'll be sure when pistons start flying tho, hopefully not!;)

I don't have a specific coolant change interval. Generally the bike will be up for a top end in 50 hours or so, and you drain the coolant anyway.

Oh, and get a set of radiator braces/guards.

I read on here you should stay away from antifreeze with silicates too.

just dont use the "extened life" coolant....not that it isnt good, but if you need to top off, it cant be mixed with others


i kinda like the idea of the ecofriendly propylene glycol stuff....but i dont run it myself....i also dont ride in any protected forest or special places that i worry about the ecology

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