My wife's bike sucks

Now that I've got your attention, I'm hoping for some free advice.


Wife has an XT250, 2014.  It's a heavy pig, with soft suspension, light but soft clutch, and front forks that love to deflect.  It's pushing 300# stock.


Her first real bike.  When she gets off balance, she can't recover due to the weight.  She's also riding a 60# kid on the back.


What two-up bikes are out there that are electric start and light and can ride two up?


I looked into the supersherpa but it's around 280#.


I'm in Washington so everything can be made street legal.



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So she keeps crashing with a 60 lb kid on back?

How does she do alone?


Can you take the kid?

If your looking to save weight you might look at a KTM 350EXC at 236 lbs. You can gear it so its easy to handle and is street legal. If your not wanting to spend that much I would look at a Honda 230 or 250, but they are in that same weight range as you currently have. 

Leave the kid at home. 

I can't imagine more irrelevant advice than to ask for a two up bike followed by suggestions to leave the kiddo at home. How much street vs.dirt? Could you live with a converted 2 stroke or new and expensive 4 stroke?

"It's pushing 300# stock. Her first real bike.  When she gets off balance, she can't recover due to the weight.  She's also riding a 60# kid on the back."


300lb isn't bad for a dual sport e-start. Someone who can't balance a 300lb dual sport has no business endangering a passenger.  I.E.. a little 4 yr old kid..

I won't leave the kid at home. 


She does just fine by herself, mostly. 


Does just fine on gravel roads, jeep trails are hit/miss. 


I'm carrying the other kid (read, the worst passenger in the world, which I why I ride him).


The problem with the XT250 is the front conventional shocks which are soft and deflect.  Have not found suitable stiffer springs even after calling Race Tech.  The bike is also wider than a typical WR/KTM so there's a bit of bowleg action going on.


5% paved, 75% gravel, 15% jeep trails, 5% singletrack.  It's the latter two that give fits.

You can have custom springs made for the forks, if that helps...found this thread where someone had the same spring problem. I imagine other places do custom springs too?

I wouldn't love a 2 stroke for gravel or pavement, but that would be the lightest option. Plent of KTMs are on the lighter side and pretty reliable as well. Not cheap though.

I found a place called cannon racecraft. They will make custom springs for $139 for the front.


That, and I just started stripping crap off of it.


I haven't found out how to defeat/remove the smog pump, but I intend to.

What did you strip off? Thanks

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