Well yesterday was my B-day so I decided to buy myself a prez.

I got a 93' RM 250 with all the bearings done and in pretty good shape w/ok tires etc etc. ......

Iknow I know........2smoker!!!!


for 700bones I couldn't turn it down!

Very fast!!! only ridden it twice but it did break the tire loose on pavement in 3rd! in a straight line! Wow it is realy fast for a 93 and it IS a SUKME !

Anyone know of any pro's or con's on this particular bike????


Sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident that happened on your B-day. :) I'm sure that once everyone else here gets over their shock they will share their views with you..


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:) two stroke

I know 2smoker but like I said 7bills could not be beat.

I took it out the the DEZ yesterday and I had not even been on any bike in about 2months because of XMAS/ training at work skd/ and unable to get any time off of work because of the OLY's.

I brought BOTH bikes and jumped on the Susuckme first. Anybody that bitches about headshake on their Yamaha (especially the 400/426) then you need to come out and ride this thing. No wonder you see absolutely NO Suckme 2strokes in the DEZ!

It was kind of like grabbin' a wild boar by the tusks and trying to hang on! The harder you hang on the more it tries to throw you !!! plus NO SCOTTS on the RM. It may make a littl difference but I am almost pos. that it would still suck to race Hare n' Hounds on. I now know why Suckme's do so good at Arena Cross....they turn on a dime!

Not what you need in the DEZ.

I jumped on the 400 and felt so much more confident even after not being on a bike for 2months. Went out and pounded part of the last race course we did in Nov and felt awesome.....until this morn when my shoulders felt like they were 34yrs old!!!

It seems like just yesterday I was young and 33 :)

I know how you feel HUCKER.

I got a '94 YZ250 a few month ago that needed a little work. I parked it beside my '01 426 the night I got it.

The next day I was going on a ride at a new track and loaded my 426 up and took off. I got to the track, put all my gear on, unloaded my baby and was ready. WHAT!!! IT WOULD NOT START.

I tried everything I could for two weeks to get my 426 to even turn over a few times...NOTHING.

After about a month of working and swearing, I sold the '94 YZ250 two smoke, poured a bottle of 2 stroke oil over a old rear tire and an old spark plug, burned it for 23.7865 minutes.

426 started first kick!!!


I actually bought one of these bikes new in 94' as a left over. I raced hare scrambles on it for 4 years.

They are a decent bike. No low end power, killer mid-range and good top.

Turns on a dime, but not too stable. I also thought the suspension was not too bad.

Fairly reliable also, I didn't have any real problmes with the bike.

Good luck,


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