xr650r problems, I'm stumped. Help

so I purchased my plated 2001 xr650r about three years ago and have rode it roughly once a week sometimes more/less. Never had a single issue with it. 

last april I took a ride and it over heated on me. It was a little warm out but I had worked the bike harder in hotter weather with no issues before. 

durring the research/fix process of getting the radiators tested and changing the thermostat I also changed the plug, oil, coolant and adjusted the valves.  Since then the bike runs fine, and for the most part fixed the over heating issues. although it does seem to get a little warm from time to time but not to the point of boiling over. The main issue I'm having now is my coolant is disappearing! It'll be fine all ride. then about 15 min after the ride, the reservoir completely drains to the point of bone dry. 

yesterday I took it out to test for problems and when I got back to the truck I noticed that motor oil had leaked out of my air box and onto the swing arm. Yet the motor is clean. and again the coolant res. is dry. 


The bike starts fine, compression is good, and power is there. but obviously the lack of coolant is/will causing the overheating issues, But I'm not sure whats causing it or how to fix it. Now I have this damn oil issue. How and why would motor oil be in my air box? I doubt I over filled the bike with oil but I suppose it could be possible. If I did It was not by much. 

Any help is very appreciated. 




Coolant is not just disappearing, it has 2 ways to go besides boiling, it can go to the oil, then you would see the oil became milk-like color, this oil is not lubricating much, so that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Or it could go to the combustion chamber then it would just go out through exhaust. That's bad too, btw. Usual culprit is the head gasket.

Never happened on BRP so here's some pics of TE630 engine with same problems:




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