Clutch chatter

After my yz426 warms up or u ride it hard or for a good amount of time when u let the clucth out to take of its like it grabs n releases again off and on until the clutch is fully let out...what would cause this?

Worn plates? Grooved clutch basket?

Worn plates? Grooved clutch basket?

Or your oil causing it to slip

I bet warped plates or grooved basket...

time for new baskets

Probably an improperly assembled clutch.  The OEM plate set includes one friction plate with a larger ID in order to accommodate a small Belleville spring and a thrust ring.  These serve to make the clutch engage more smoothly.  Items 12, 13, and 14 here:


The driven gear/basket assembly has a torsional damper built into the hub of the gear.  If there is any rotational free travel between the gear and the basket, that damper is bad, and could be contributing.

I had the same problem on my 99. My problem was the basket taking a beating and the groves were .03-.080 deep lol

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