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Rear subframe mount?

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Hey all,


I have a 98 KLX300.  Planned a quick tear down to repaint the frame and rebuild before I forgot where everything went.  Had the frame and swingarm blasted.  Found lots of pinholes in one of the subframe rails where apparently the previous owner had layed it down in the mud and filled it with gunk.  Rusted from the inside.  I formed up some new rails and welded them in.  Unfortunately, all that took more time than I anticipated and I'm a little hazy on some of the rebuild so I may have a few questions as I get after it.  I knew I should have taken pictures of the tear down :(.


First one - What is this mount point in this picture for?  This is on the right rear subframe top rail.  The upper mount points are for seat and fender and the other low mount pictured is for the muffler, but what is this other for?


Thanks in advance,



EDIT:  Ahh I figured it out . . . It is for the inner fender.  Sorry for the trouble. 



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