TM33 Air Filter Option

Just bought a TM33 pumper carb for my 93 DR350 dirt model and have a hangup. Stock air boot doesn't fit the larger carb , so have a fork in the road. Do I find a boot for my stock airbox with the mod, or just get a pod style filter? Any cons other than dirt buildup with an exposed pod style filter? I ride mostly on the road cause it's plated

it will be much louder with a pod.

should be able to find a used boot to fit it.

i might have an extra if you have trouble finding one

Just might take you up on that plugeye

Have you tried heating up the boot in very warm water and stretching it onto carb? I don't know how big it needs to be-I have a Vortec air box on my DR350S that I put the TM33 on.

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