tips and/or advice on a 15 450?

Picking up a barely ridden (3hrs)15 this week. Any advice or tips that those of you that have or know about these bikes? It has a full fmf single already on it, FC revalved suspension for 160lbs 175 w gear Vet B so may need to re spring. Other than that....has a dunlop mx32 on the front. Believe thats it. Ive ridden a 13 a few times but never a 15. A little nervous about the psf2 but will give it time and mess with clickers. Pretty pumped on the buy, first 450 I will have ever owned. ..mainly a 250 2 stroke guy. Thanks

Suspension is the only thing that my 15 needed. I have very similar setup. Fc suspension for 190lbs, fmf ti/carbon slip on.

Forks work very well after revalve. Set air pressure for desired spring rate then leave air pressure alone.

I would ride it as is, rear spring may be ok.

Front end feel Is a little vague. Lowering flush with clamps helped cornering for me.

Slower rebound seems to help also in the corners. Otherwise it wants to stand up mid corner.

I think you will like it.

HD clutch springs if you use abuse the clutch at all.

Thanks for the replies. I want to be patient with the suspension, but I do have a set of showa A kit forks from a 2010 crf that I could always throw on if I have lots of problems. Curious, with the aggressive map, does anyone have issues running pump 93? Jw if I should cut it with something higher

stock map is better, I ran 91with both maps, thats all we have in ca.. To run your A kit you need a different mount for the front brake.I think moto stuff has them.  You can remove one layer off a stock head gasket gives a little bump in compression ,still run pump.

I run the aggressive map on 91. I am at 4500 feet though.

I like the low end hit of the aggressive map out of the corners so I stick with that.

Stock map seems better on top though.

I revalved mine, MotoTassinari boot, got rid of the screen, 14/52 gearing, single Fmf pipe and tokyomods x10 ignition and the bike hauls. The bike tends to have some head shake on fast straights...I need to figure out that issue without throwing clamps at it. The stock HSPD doesn't do jack.

Revalve the HSPD /I used FC  did the forks & shock really good no head shake.

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