Motocross pants and jerseys

I am new to riding dirt bikes and an old guy to boot. I used to ride when I was a teenager but just started again about six months ago. I am really enjoying it. I ride a KDX 200 and I am wondering if most of you guys wear motocross pants and jerseys? I wear all the safety gear just thinking about whether or not I need pants and jerseys. Any advice?


Since the gear is made for riding it makes the ride a lot more comfortable but not a necessity

Fly gear. I like the pants that go in the boot. I see people with the pants that go on the outside and I feel like it could get caught on something. Obviously get breathable jersies in the summer and warmer in the fall. May think of a size up in order to get an extra layer under it.

Idk if any of this helps.

Thanks guy. Really helps

Thanks guy. Really helps


Sorry, my bad

great looking KDX, looks like it's mostly stock ? 


if you're anywhere near Westpoint, TN, check out NATRA, they have awesome trails and a very active dirty community. Great folks, those NATRA guys. :)


as far as jerseys / pants,  they will save you some dollars in the long run vs just jeans/etc because they take falls better. i like outside the boot because of bulky knee padding i wear, and looser shirts so elbow pads are easy to wear. 


have fun :)


Definitely get some proper gear.  


I'm a cheap ass so I buy lightly used or "last years" stuff off Ebay.  Try to find pants with button closures, the ratchet-type straps break or come loose easily.  IIRC, Thor makes button pants.  Also, most, if not all, newer gear (past 7 years) has larger knee areas for knee protection.  Pants are made to protect from heat and constant rubbing on the bike.  The pants liner helps keep you cool.  Same goes for jerseys, elbow padding, special material to help keep cool.


I'd also recommend a pair of padded bicycle shorts and an Under armor type undershirt that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.


Knee protection is critical.

Thanks, I have the chest/back, knee, elbow now just wondering about pants and jersey. All I can find is long sleeve jerseys. Seems like they would be hot in the summer.

All Moto jerseys are going to be long sleeve, if you get decent vented gear it is fine in the summer as long as you keep moving. You would be surprised how much of a difference it makes just having a little bit fabric between your skin and the ground regardless of if you have pads or not. I'm sure I would have gotten skinned up pretty good last week if I wasn't wearing long sleeves.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439315432.507544.jpg

I have some old jerseys just for summer.  I make small 1 cuts in them with scissors all over and under the armpits. One jersey, I actually cut the collar out and cut the lower portion of the sleeves off.  It's just for trail riding as most tracks won't let you race with short sleeves.


Don't be one of "those guys" that wears all white gear.  I see vet riders do that all the time, shit cracks me up  :lol:

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I was looking at Fly green. I am an old guy but want to be at least a little cool looking. Haha

I always wear my gear, learned the hard way that jeans just don't protect the same way real MX pants do. I have also learned you get what you pay for, the lower end stuff is lower end for a reason. 


This year I have Thor Core gear and for the most part its pretty good. The gloves are on the thin side but its did very well for me. 


Next year I plan on getting Fox lightweight gear since my Thor gear is a little on the hot side being black.



If you are concerned about heat, I've heard that fly makes some of the best vented gear around

Look at "last year's model" gear. You can save a lot on the pants and jerseys and gloves.

Last year's model gloves, pants and jerseys are cheaper.


You will burn up in non-vented gear when riding slow trails.


OOPS. double post

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I forgot to mention, check out d3o stuff too. if you find pants / gloves / stuff with d3o you'll be amazed at just how much more wearable (all day!) it is compared to the regular stuff.

Yes, buy at least MC pants.

I have two sets of One Industries gear, one is vented the other is not. I like both sets and have worn both on the same weekend. The vented stuff is really cool compared to the non vented. I also find that wearing the CP on the outside of the jersey keeps you cooler, inside warmer.

You can go to a MTB shop and get short sleeved jerseys...But, I don't recommend short sleeves.


Don't be one of "those guys" that wears all white gear.  I see vet riders do that all the time, shit cracks me up   :lol:

What's wrong with white gear? I''m looking at some for heat dissipation more than looking cool. Better than the dark colors that gear mostly comes in IMO.

I purchased a Klim Dakar Jersey and pants. The pants were a little spendy, but they're rugged and breathe fairly well. The jersey is great, air flows through it freely and I'm able to wear it over a Fox Titan compression jacket. Most of the time I will wear Fly padded compression shorts also. Next summer I'd like to pick up a little more gear and am looking at maybe the Klim pro jersey and maybe something for a padded compression shirt.

I'm riding both dual sport and trail/single track.

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