XR400 Indicators, Brake light, Horn stopped working!

Today I took my XR400 to school like I usually do and it was fine but when I left I was riding around a little bit. Everything was working fine until I went to the fuel station and refilled. When I started it the indicators wouldn't work and same with the horn. My headlight still works on low and high beam but nothing else will work. It has been cooling down for about an hour and i started it again to see if it would fix it self but it didn't. 


The bike also has very bad flat spots when im at around 30kmh and 50-60kmh. After I refueled it started to get even worse it was doing it as I was taking off. 


Thankyou hopefully someone knows what iv wrecked now. :rolleyes:

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Aftermarket street legal kit? As none in us came with turn signals or horn or brake hight or dual beam headlight just headlight and tail light

Could be inline fuse or rectifier or stator or damaged wire could even be a problem with the multifunction switch

With some of the aftermarket kits there's a battery that powered those things that is separate from, your still a/c powered, headlight.

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Iv been looking at the indicators very closely and they actually flash normally but they are very very dim and can only just see them is it a ground wire problem or what? If you know what the problem is could you tell me how to fix it because i have no idea

Your indicators, horn & brake light run on a DC circuit, the head light is on an AC circuit, there is a big capacitor behind the headlight with a DC regulator attached to it, check that, then the earths, there is one under the seat & another under the tank I think. Also check the wiring has not rubbed through around the steering neck, then check for burn marks on connectors. If all those things are fine, time to pop the fly wheel cover off to check for a burnt stator...

Thankyou it was the capacitor i just took it out and mover the wires around now its fixed

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