Mattawa - Closed to ORV?


I have seen on a couple forums (TT and KTMTalk) that Mattawa is potentially closed to ORV's due to fire danger.  However, these were posts going back to earlier in the summer 2015.  Google search and other ORV site searches have yielded nothing to confirm closure - and I'm left to assume the area is open, because I can find nothing official online.  Can anyone confirm that the Mattawa riding area is open at this time?  Anyone have a website to suggest for closures where the most up to date information is available, and with reference to Mattawa's riding area?  Thanks. 

Looks like you need to call the Wenatchee office of the BLM. Their number is 509.665.2100. The place is really called Saddle Mountain.

Much appreciated. I called the BLM, and they are open. Thanks a ton.

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