xr400 smoky.

Hello to all, Just bought '96 xr400.  Was running fine for a while, then started to blow smoke & use oil. Motor is not rattly.  Previous owner was running 15-40 diesel oil. Did oil & filter change to see if this would help, but doesn't. Have had previous xr's (250 & 35's0) and never had any issues. Any idea on what could have happened so suddenly. 


If you're not checking oil level properly, it could make you think its low, causing you to add oil and over filling it. I'd rule that out first. During an oil and filter change, never put back more than 2 qts.. If after 2 qts the dipstick still shows low, your procedure is wrong. But I would think with having previously had XRs, you'd know the proper procedure by now.


It's also possible it just happened to start showing its age and it's in need of a top end job.

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