2000 XR250R - anything else to do while the forks and shock are out?

This evening I removed my front forks and rear shock from the 2000 XR250R. They're going in to get rebuilt with the Race Tech goodies. Bike currently sits as:






So anything that I should check or replace while the bike is like this?


Are there bearings in the rear shock link piece thingo?




You should check a few items since your bike has some down time.

- check the steering bearings. Any binding indicates the bearings are in rough shape.

- rear linkage and swing are bolt. It is very important that all pivot points move free and without any binding because this will affect your new suspension rebuild.

What type of riding do you do? I just had my forks and shock done by Bruce at Bruce's Suspension in north Carolina. He turned my 03 xr250 into a woods eater. Hed did what is called " terrain Tamer" which gives stock xR forks adjustable compression and rebound dampening. Search in the xr250/400 forum for more info or contact him directly.

Maybe you could wash/clean the bike while its apart? Just a thought that I had while looking at the photos.

Maybe you could wash/clean the bike while its apart? Just a thought that I had while looking at the photos.


I was thinking the same. That oily linkage looks like it's seen a lot of crankcase blowby.


Checking swing arm bolt is a good suggestion. Check your brake pads, clean your chain, tighten your handguards, check wheel bearings, check for loose spokes, dirty/corroded wiring connectors/ground points. Yada yada..........

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You need to remove the swing arm bolt . . . . all the way out . . . . to clean and regrease.  For some, this has been a nightmare.

Clean grease the swing arm bolt because of that my xr4 will never have a frozen S A bolt thanks TTrs

Brake discs and pads are only one or two rides old.


Tested the swing arm today - it goes up and down smooth as. Not catching or anything.


Steering is good. The damper seems to catch after the bikes been sitting around for a while but a quick twist left to right and it's all good again.


Yeah, it does need a good clean.


Going to get some new tyres. I think these ones might be nearing 10 years old now!

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