Looking for some help on shipping a bike or renting one in Moab. UT

I was fortunate to be selected to join in on a Moab-Colorado dual sport ride. It is a unbelievable opportunity and for sure a "Bucket List" kinda of ride. 

The challenge I have is getting my bike or a rental bike to the start. I would much rather bring my own but the shipping quotes I have gotten thus far have been about $900-1000 round trip.

I am reaching out to any for help. I would be willing to rent from an individual or company, provided i can afford it. I take very good care of my bikes and whatever I am riding. I have 44 years of riding/racing experience and over 35+ years working in the motorcycle industry. I respect other's property and expect to be held accountable for my own actions.

The ride starts on August 31st and Sept. 4th in Moab, UT.

I know its crazy, I really did not think I would be selected and I don't want this to be yet another opportunity I let slip by.

Thanks in advance for any info or comments.


I cant help you but I wanted to tell you your bike looks awesome. I like the 90's esk look.

Did you get a quote from Uship? I sold a bike and the buyer had it shipped from SC to CA for $250. It was in a box truck with a bunch of other stuff. I would check with them.

I just did an estimate from SC to Moab and it said $850 so maybe not. The carriers do bid against one another and will pick up extra stuff if they have room so it may be worth going through the bid process.

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