8/24 Brown MTN

Interested in Brown Mountain riders for Monday 8/24 all day. Two riders from GVL, SC area, intermediate to expert level, Honda CRF250x, KTM 690


ETA 8-9am, pack lunch


**New to area from Michigan, looking for a new riding group!** 

From watching YouTube, I'd estimate a comfortable pace around 20-25mph.


Riders familar with the trails a plus! Hope to see you all out there.


Read your 8/24! The you tube you seen was very deceiving! you may hit 20-25mph on main #1. #1A 12mph? #9 12mph #3,#5,#7 10-12mph? #2 10-12mph? $4.6.8 12mph Good Luck. 20 miles to nearest Hospital

Yea Brown Mtn is no joke..... VERY rocky. There's a few spots where you can go fast, but the majority of it is very technical and rough. Around here they say if you can ride Brown Mtn, you can ride anywhere, lol. It's still a great and fun place to ride though..... I live about 20 mins from there and ride there all the time. 

If you want a place where you can ride with some good speed, Enoree OHV in Whitmire, SC. Very smooth, easy winding trails that you can carry a good pace on. Fun place to ride as well..... very different from Brown

Wow you have a play ground in you back yard! 20 min, I'm about 45 min. and not complaining at all. Really interesting how the trails have changed over the last 20 some thing years. I guess you've seen the patio stones they installed on #4?? That deal cost a load?? 1A gets rougher every year! They cut out a section on #9?? Best place I know to ride. I'll make a point to try out Enoree  OHV

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