Dual Sport Type Helmets

Hey guys, I was wondering what types of helmets everyone's using when riding their Z. I have a Bilt (CycleGear brand) that I bought when I first got the bike just so that I could start riding immediately. Im not very comfortable with the fit of the helmet and the price I got it for scares me as well! Now I have some funds saved up to buy a new helmet and was wondering if their are any helmet types or brands that you guys would recommend because of price or quality. Thanks!

I'm a 90%dirt guy so I just roll with a full mx helmet

AGV AX-8 DS is nice - reasonably light, looks good, lots of bang for buch - but my next helmet is going to be visorless as I always just use goggles anyway


I'm really interested in the very-light-weight well-priced and reputable Airoh Terminator

I have the Fly Trekker helmet. Great for dual sport.. If you do a lot of dirt and trails you may want to look into a full MX helmet tho.... If we are just riding dirt I prefer my mx helmet. 1439305978579.jpg

Depending on your price range if your looking for a $600 like the Shoei Hornet X2 helmet I don't have much advice but I really like my LS2 Dual Sport helmet at around $160.00. My backup helmet is the Fly Dual Sport helmet at around $100. My next helmet I plan to get will be in the $250 range and will go with Bell MX-9


What I enjoy about the Fly and LS2 helmets is you can wear goggles even with visor down. The Fly helmet has softer pads, but the LS2 fits more snug. 

Gotta recommend the Icon Variant - Its a little heavy but the build quality is top notch and its a snug fit

Works perfect for me with 80% on - 20% off-road use

I am wearing the torc t37 dual sport helmet right now just because i wanted to try out the dual sport helmet and found it on closeout for 33 bucks at ironpony.com. It is suprisingly decent. Street bike helmets i prefer scorpion. I think they are excellent fit and finish for the money. I like gmax helmets for the dirt. They are cheap enough it doesnt hurt when you cake it in mud but still fit well. Just my .02 cents worth.

I probably ride 50/50 dirt and still go full mx helmet with goggles. I rarely ride any highway or at a sustained speed of much higher that 50 mph so the added wind drag of a mx helmet doesn't affect me too much. I got a great deal on a leftover Troy Lee Designs helmet. One piece of advice, regardless of the style, don't cheap out on the helmet. Protect your noggin. 

Bell MX9 for adventure, Fox MX helmet for pure offroad and Scorpion EXO1000 for all highway trips.

I ride 70 road and 30 off-road. The thing that sucks is where I live to get virtually any where in a decent amount of time your taking a 60+ MPH highway at least for a few miles. I really like the Icon Variant helmet but have been looking into the LS2 as well, there's so many options out there. I wish the stores around me had more of the dual sport helmets in stock, I hate spending so much money on a helmet online not knowing if I'll be comfortable with the fit of it

I have never heard of this helmet but love the way it looks! That one is sweet

That helmet also has both DOT and ECE

That helmet also has both DOT and ECE

How is the wind noise at higher speeds? I understand because of the design of the helmet there will be some drag at higher speeds, but just wondering on your opinion of it.

The shoei x2 hornet creates almost no drag. Much better than a motocross helmet. It is also very quiet with the visor down. It is also very expensive. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439330135.262621.jpg

Troy lee. I ride 100% street right now til I get another dirtbike or dirt wheel conversion. I try to get the brightest color helmet for street so I'm at least visible. I only wear mx helmets unless I'm riding a different style bike. Just personal preference. Wind is zero issues unless I'm on the freeway going over 70, which is rarely ever and I just deal with it.



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How is the wind noise at higher speeds? I understand because of the design of the helmet there will be some drag at higher speeds, but just wondering on your opinion of it.

Drag? Don't notice it at all unless turning my head at highway speeds.


Hella loud with my Yoshimura exhaust.

I use earplugs, especially when highway riding.

The shoei x2 hornet creates almost no drag. Much better than a motocross helmet. It is also very quiet with the visor down. It is also very expensive. attachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439330135.262621.jpg

That is a very nice helmet, my price range is around $165-275 so I'm sure it's out of my price range

Drag? Don't notice it at all unless turning my head at highway speeds.


Hella loud with my Yoshimura exhaust.

I use earplugs, especially when highway riding.

I'm liking that helmet a lot and might end up ordering that one in the next few days

A riding buddy and I both have it.

It's a good bang for the buck helmet.

But keep in mind, I've only tried the more expensive helmets in store, not on rides.

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      Curious what motorcycle gear others are wearing for different riding on the LRP.
      I'm in need of some summer gear and want a DS helmet too. I just started to look around, for now here is what I use...
      Icon 1000 Chapter jacket in grey. Very high quality piece, love this jacket.
      Couple different pair of gloves depending on temps.
      Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket, nice and warm.
      Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 heated gear: Jacket liner, pant liner and leather gloves.
      Firstgear Overpants, I only wear these on the longer rides.
      A few pair of fleece lined jeans and cargo pants.
      I want to pick up a new textile/mesh jacket for those hot days. Since I ride 90% street anyway maybe just a mesh street jacket?
      I'm down to two helmets, an old Shoei RF800 and a new Bell Star Rally Red with monochromatic shield. Unless I'm going to leave my helmet on the bike then I will take the Bell, the auto tinting shield works perfectly, WAY better than some cheaper glasses that I have had that do that. Now am looking to add a DS helmet, maybe the Arai XD-4?
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