DR-Z Carb Fuel Screw

I have a drz125l with a mikuni vm20ss carb.

There's an idle screw on the side and a fuel screw that was covered up with brass cap on the bottom. I've removed the brass cap to expose the fuel screw.

My question is how many turns does the fuel screw need to be turned to run right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Turn it to the right completely. Just until it feels snug. Do NOT overtighten. Stock fuel is 2 1/4 turns back to the left. 1 turn=360 degrees. Most people think that the factory setting is too lean so it could pass emissions. I have mine turned 3 full turns to the left and it runs great. Not too rich, not too lean. Hope this helps.

Thanks so much man! It worked! I appreciate it!

Glad it worked :)

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