07 CR125

A friend of mine just gave me an 07 CR 125 to ride. I have a YZ450 but used to ride a KX 125 and just never have been comfortable on the 450. We went to the track and what a great feeling it was to be ripping up on a 125 again. My buddy finally got to see me really ride. He's got the whole collection of Hondas. Enough to make his own brochure. Right now he owns a 50, 70, the 125, 250F, 250R, 450F, and a 650R. I guess he likes Hondas.

Anyway, this CR is like new and just had a new cylinder and topend replacement due to bad mixture from the previous owner. It seems a little softer on the bottom than I remember on my 03 KX, but it doesn't spend any time there so its not a big thing. I can't think of anything really to improve it. I set up the rear sag by increasing the rear preload about one turn on the spanner collar. Are there any issues with this last year CR?

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Stock TMX carbs are t that great, a lot of last gen cr owners do pwk swaps

Aside from that they're good bikes, some people adore them. A decent amount hate them, you'll love it for mx

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