clutch issues...ideas?

Trying to figure out the issues the clutch is having on my girlfriends 2001 RM125. Re just rebuilt the motor top and bottom, and put a new clutch basket in. Her dad is the one that did the work as he is a retired motorcycle mechanic. The issues it is having is, when you go to kick it into first, it sounds like the gears are mashing, its pretty loud, and can sometimes even make it stall if you dont give it gas when you do it. it is very loose, in the sense that you have to let it almost all the way out to hit the friction zone. We've tried adjusting the clutch cable several times, but doesnt help, maybe it is stretched? Any other ideas? its a oil bath and the oil is new and fill level is accurate. 

What about the rest of the clutch. Plates in spec? How about the springs?

He said everything else appears to be in good working order

Appearances can be deceiving, were they actually checked to see if they were within spec?

I'm not sure, I'll give him a call later on today

Something is still dragging and not fully disengaging. I would have guessed the basket is notched but you said new? Maybe the hub is notched or plates bent?

Did you take a look at the rod and the arm that pushes the rod? They can get worn sometimes

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