07 Timing Chain Tensioner Bolt

Hey everyone,


I got a silly question as I'm new to four strokes and so this bike. It seems to be missing its timing chain tensioner bolt. I asked the guy that I had bought the bike if there was supposed to be something here (see pic) and he didn't know as the bike's been in storage for a while. Anyhow... after a several minute ride, I noticed that oil was being spat out of the hole... and a google search confirmed the presence of something that isn't there.. a bolt.


So I'm wondering, does anyone know how long this bolt is supposed to be? Is it just to keep the hole plugged or is it supposed to make contact with something inside? I'm guessing it's metric. I looked up the part number and it seems Yamaha sells the bolt as part of the timing chain tensioner unit (not on it's own).






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No big deal, it is just for plugging that hole. Inside there you can get access to the spring loaded adjustment for taking tension off the chain. You'll need a short, 6mm bolt I believe & a sealing washer (copper or aluminum usually). They have the same setup on other bikes, like Honda CRF's, so check those guys for the metric bolt you need.

Okay thanks. I'm coming from a 2 stroke kawi so I had no idea. haha :)

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