Please help!

So one day i went to start my rm 125 1994 and it wouldnt start so i checked if there is a spark.No spark at all.Then i found out that my stator and cdi got burnt so i ordered new ones changed coil changed spark basically i changed everything.Then i kickstarted my bike to start but it wouldnt start then i checked the stator and was burned so i sent it back to give me my money back.The stator was electrosport and i have read in many threads that electrosport stators arent good so i am looking forward to put a moose racing stator on my 1994 rm125 and the seller wont accept refunds if i open the box can you please help me?

That is very common with electrical parts.  If you open them, you own them, no refunds.  The only leg you would have to stand on is if you could collaborate with the manufacture and prove the part was faulty before you received it, good luck with that.


I recommend you have a qualified mechanic give you a second opinion on your no spark troubles.

Theres a reason the CDI/Stator burned out in the first place there is probably a short in the circuit somewhere / bad grounding points you're gonna keep replacing stators or you think you're burning stators out when you really don't know whats going on

Well guys i found the problem!I ordered a moose racing stator for my rm and when i put it on i still got no spark then i thought that i may connected the wires wrong!I checked them they seem right but i changed them anyway and i finnaly got a spark!!Well maybe it was a fault from the stator factory or the cdi box!!

Your flirtin with disaster! You should really be fully educated on the wiring setup, you may fry the cdi next then it will get expensive! Get a manual and get it all sorted out rather then just randomly connecting wires.

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