1989 yz125 or 2000 ttr125

Alright so im new to dirtbikes but I've been riding minimotos for years now and know abit about dirtbikes. Ive found a 2000 ttr125 for 650 that is in great shape. Ive also found a 1989 yz125 that is in good condition for 650. I've never rode a 2 stroke so I'm not sure what power it has. I am looking to mostly ride in small trails or around the neighborhood for fun. I don't plan on getting into racing just looking to mess around. I am 5"3 and about 130lbs. Please respond fast, thanks! ☺

The ttr-125 would be perfect for you.

I'd say TTR. That's the bike I started out on and I loved it at the time. Great for exactly the type of riding you described.

Rather go for the ttr, you aren't tall enough for the yz without doing modifications to it.

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