My own 450 finally!

Hey Everyone!

I got a WR450 (06) a couple days ago and im so very excited...

Im lucky as the previous owner has done a lot of mods to it, i havent checked in the carb etc to see whats been done but this thing goes like a dog with a lit firecracker up its bottom!


I do however have one or two issues being a used machine,

I really suck at mechanics but normally can struggle and manage some basic things with a large amount of help... So please dont rip me if its something basic...


1) the cluch doesnt feel like it disengages properly when i pull the lever in, until i give it a quick blip with throttle. eg i can actually drive around slowly with the lever pulled in fully blip the throttle then id stop...

- i dont think its the cable as the cluch is very consistant on where it engages and is very smooth.


2) when i turn the headlight on while driving it will be fine for 5-10min then the bike will lose power and kinda just wants to idle... im guessing the previous owner didnt do a floating ground with the baja reg as i can only find the oem reg. i will most certanly do the baja reg just wanted to know if there were any other causes to this, as i thought that the bike should still have been driving fine when running but the batery would just be flat and i wouldnt be able to use the electric start?


I have read so many of the posts here on TT and just wanna say thanks to everyone whom helps here, ive learned so much and will continue to learn thanks to all you guys being AWSOME!


Willie V





1. Normal. After a few hours the clutches drag. You can get rid of 90% of the drag by throwing money at the problem, or just ignore it. An adjustable lever is the cheapest solution (IE: ASV).

2. Is it a high-output headlight and a high-output stator? Otherwise, it just sounds like a battery with a suspect cell.....replace it.

Thanks Krannie


thats cool as long as its normal i can live with it as long as the cluch plates arent worn or something, should i open her and have a look??


the stator is unmidified as far as i know so ill order a baja design reg and do the stator mod..... I have a brand new batery in :)


another thing i noticed is that my rear rim seems to wobble when i drive (had someone drive the bike and i satched the rear and it def wobbles!!) so im guessing the spokes are bent... is it easy to rectify myself or should i buy spokes and take it to my dealer?

even though i think the back rim is finished as there are like 2-3 spokes that have enarged holes and dont tie to the spoke anymore!!! where would be the best place to buy a set of rims (maybe incl hubs) and a set of Dunlop 606's????


Thanks a lot for the advice!!!


If you bought it used with ovaled out spoke holes, you own it that way.


Caveat Emptor!


Replace the rim and bad spokes.

You don't need a new wheel/hub, unless it's damaged too.

Plenty of Youtube videos on how to swap rims.


606's are only good for hard surfaces and very hard dirt. 

Deadly slippery on loose dirt cause the rubber is so hard, and useless in sand.

I would look into a better tire like a AT81. It will also last (not as long) but it won't kill you either.

Thanks again Krannie

Yea I bought it like that, I actually never saw the bike in person as i imported it from South Africa, so I'm trying to get things sorted on it...

I was considering the tire/hub so that I could keep the current tires on the rim/hub as they are full off-road tires and have my duel sport tires on most of the time.. when i take the bike some ware that will just be off-road i just change the whole wheel instead of taking the tire off.. maybe it's a dumb idea?

are the AT81 usable on the road? Most of my riding is off-road but i want tires that wont mind a little tar...


Thanks again!!!


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