Shortest 250?

I wanna get a 250 but I'm a pretty short guy, 5'5"ish and I was wondering what brand makes the shortest 250's or if there's a way to shorten them up? I've been considering an rmz or a crf.

The 230s are shorter, CRF230F and TTR230.  You can get lowering kits for the others, but you start messing with suspension geometry, I've never been a proponent of lowering a bike.


If you have the money the Beta XTrainer is the best smaller bike in the world, basically a smaller 300RR with a slightly detuned engine.

How much do the beta xtrainers usually cost?

At 5'5 you can ride a full size bike just fine. A lowered seat lowering link and raising the forks a few millimeters should get you closes enough to the ground.

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