Anyone used this Force gear?

This is a new listing they have for beta USA and I was wondering if anybody had experience with any of these products. I'm interested in the slave cylinder protector initially,but the Enduro computer protection looks interesting as well, I cased mine a while back on my '13 300RR

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439325794.465419.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439325807.447102.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439325817.931275.jpg

This is a new listing they have for beta USA and I was wondering if anybody had experience with any of these products. I'm interested in the slave cylinder protector initially,but the Enduro computer protection looks interesting as well, I cased mine a while back on my '13 300RR

attachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439325794.465419.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439325807.447102.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439325817.931275.jpg

I got the force countershaft protector on my 525 Beta... It works good. It was a good price too when I bought it.. don't know the price of the new one here but the design is pretty much the same. I got a black one for my rfs beta.

Thanks bro! Beta has the enduro computer guard for $59.95 and slave guard for $49.95

Yeah, I have one and rate it. Here's the post I did on it on my "Build thread" -



This week I got my package from Gary with my replacement clutch line and a Force Case Saver. I had held off getting one because it would cover the Rekluse adjustable clutch slave cylinder, and I also wasn't sure if it would fit over the Rekluse part. But at the last Beta ride day Gary had a Beta there with one of these on it for me to take a look at. I was pretty confident it would be OK so I bought one.


They're pretty nice quality pieces of kit. Looks like they have been CNC machined from a billet.


I made a cardboard template and tried to mark out where I would need to drill a hole to be able to fit an allen key to adjust the Rekluse install gap. Unfortunately I got it a little wrong so had to use a round file to open the hole up a bit more.


It fits up nicely and I can easily make adjustments to the Rekluse when I need to.


PS. Yes, I know my chain has superficial rust and it's dirty around the chain area coz I forgot to wash the bike after my last ride and it sat for 2 weeks before I realised - my bad.

Looks to be some really quality stuff. And you know if American Beta is carrying it it's a excellent product.

love that speedo protector, i went over the bars the day after i fitted it and reckon it saved the speedo as the protector was chipped and everything was pushed back in to the bars. got some video of it in the review below...



postage must kick the price up in the states but down under their stuff in extremely popular, almost all the guys i ride with have their stuff on the bikes. costs more but everything is designed to take a lot of abuse. 

Thinking I'm gonna pick up their rad guards for my 350

The radiator guards and bash plate combo are really cool!

and with the current exchange rate, buying Aussie products is even better value for 'Mericans  as 74 pennies buys you one of our $, so BETA USA probably get a good deal and the freight for a bulk order isn't going to add much cost to each individual item.

Im about to place an order with Force (via BETA AUS) for a shedload (can I say that?) of protective gear for my MY16s that are due 2nd week of September

We should finally get our XTrainers in late September.....(we have had to wait for Govt approval so we can road register them in every state, worth the wait....)

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