How do I get more power out of a ssr 110

Hi I have a ssr 110 I want to make the bike faster an it has very little power in 3rd and 4th gear. I thought about putting a 140cc engine on it I'm not sure how easy it would be to put on an if it would solve the power problem in higher gears. I also thought about putting a high compression pisten in it an a new front sprocket an inner rotor. I'm not sure what the better way to go any help is appreciated

In this order:

Larger Carb, proper porting, more compression, larger bore, stroker crankshaft.

All of These will do it.

But why, it's just going to break even faster... It's a China Crap engine.

It's not worth upgrading a China engine so the best option would be to get a bigger China engine like a 140 or 150

Get a Daytona engine. Those are naughty

If the motor is worn , rebuild it to TB 114cc 

We have TB 411 race cams for it too 

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