third owner, trying to fix carb issues

So....2007 DRZ 400S. White Brothers E2 pipe, 3x3, and carb jetted with "some" kit. What I have elicited from my one month ownership:


-WB E2 with spark arrestor

-shitty 3x3 mod, but done

-modded stock mikuni carb, with hex heads, adjustable needle, and a 22.5 pilot. 


My bike bogs A LOT off idle and up till max throttle, so here's what I found when I bought it:


-Checked to see what pipe was on it: It was a WB E2 with spark arrestor

-Checked to see if the airbox was modded: Yep; a shitty version of the 3x3 mod

-Pulled carb to see what's up: 22.5 pilot, "other than stock" main (I could not read the number)

-carb bowl screws replaced with allen bolts (That's an indicator)

-Adjustable needle set on "3"


Bike ran VERY lean and fuel-starved after about one minute at full throttle. Tons of backfiring off-throttle, HUGE "flat spot" mid-throttle, and the ability to run at full throttle like one minute before fuel starvation.


What I did today:

-Pulled the carb and cleaned out EVERYTHING. 

-Verified that the previous owner had done a jet kit, but didn't do it right (allen-head bolts in bottom bowl)

-saw that there was a 2.25 pilot jet (not a 25)

-could not verify main jet size do to last owner buggering it up with a too-small flat-head screwdriver

-saw that the aftermarket needle was set on "3" from the top

-moved needle to "6" to richen up the mixture A LOT

-blew out ALL jets on the carb


What it does now:

-Has very-little bog when rolling on throttle

-still has that little bit of bog when rolling on which I attribute to not running a 2.5 pilot.


I live in Coolidge, AZ at 1600 feet MSL by the way.



Gimme a link to a place that I can buy ONLY a 25 pilot and ONLY the correct O-ring for my float.


Thanks in advance.



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dont know, somebody may have an extra they can shoot to you .. if it was me i would get a jd jet kit, extended fuel screw, a rebuild kit,  and be done with it ..

is the infamous flat spot oring still in place at the top of the carb ?

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