M403/404 discontinued?

I found a Bridgestone m404 for what I felt was a good deal. I was looking into getting a 21" M403 to go with it but it seems like they are replaced with the x30.

Anybody run the m404 rear/ x30 front?

Just do it man, they're tires. 


X30 is a good tire. 

Dam my favorite tires. Hope the new version is as good as the last.

Yes, the 403/404 series is being discontinued. I am running a x30 up front and x40 in rear. Both are pretty good tires, however, if I had to pick between the two, I would go with the x30 for all around use. The x40 is definitely meant for hard pack. 


That being said, I usually look for tires that are on sale or offer a rebate since I am just a weekend warrior and do not race. 

I just bought the x30 front and rear for 162.00 on motosport.com site with free 3 day delivery. All reviews were pretty good

I ran X40s, worked well in rocks and overall dry offroad conditions. Next is a set of X30s with bibs. I'm excited to try em out!

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