Broken headlight

Didn't realize that after yet another crash on 2001 WR (looking older by the ride) my headlight lense is broken but still working.

Any sugestions??

SLOW DOWN? :) couldn't help it.


If you're asking for advice on how to fix it, I can't help you there. But if you'd like to prevent it from happening again...Last year I put a rock guard over my front headlight and so far, no broken lens. I drilled 4 holes into the plastic shroud around the light and attached it with four zip ties.

Here's the only picture I have of it (sorry for the grainyness):


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Mike, if you are not riding at night take it off. I was concerned that I would trash mine so I took it off and replaced the whole thing with a number plate. I have noticed in the bike mags lately though that guys like Scott Summers and others leave the assembly but remove the bulb. Good luck! Paul


I am a dualsporter, so I need the headlight. It still works. Has anyone tried to replace theirs with an automotive one?

Thanks for the tip Marty, but I can't do it! :)

I like the screen...

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1 - make your protective lens cover

2 - slap on the Acerbis dual halogen

setup, with those 2, tiny little 35w


3 - take the light off



Rode this weekens, add a broken brake lever and a dented header pipe to the list.

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