2015 KTM 200XCW Price OTD?

Looking for some help for my friend who is ready to buy a new 2015 KTM 200XCW.


What do you think is a good price "out the door"?


Thanks in advance for all your help!

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$7199 + $152 Title, Feb of this year.

Thanks for the feedback!


I always thought that you were doing good if you could get your 2-stroke in the $6,000-$7,000 OTD.


But that was for purchases between November and February assuming you could find your bike in stock at that time.


I guess that still rings true...

You can probably get a rebate if you find one still in stock. 

I wanna say I saw some in CA going for under 6. closer to 5,300 

talking OTD prices on the internet is dangerous since sales tax can vary so much.  I haven't heavily shopped them but a high volume dealer with solid prices in the region (Larson's in Minnesota) had a 2015 at $6850 plus tax a few weeks ago.

I gave $7,410 In June

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