03 230 starter motor problem

Working on putting a 2003 230 motor in a small dune buggy. Install was going smooth and it came time to test the wiring after getting it in my new rig. Starter motor does not turn over. I got a few clicks from the relay, then nothing. 
I had everything carefully labled for the rewire so I am confident that the circuit is correct, and has not changed from when it was in the bike, running 3 weeks ago. Started using a voltmeter to track the problem (following the owners manual for trouble shooting) and determined the starter motor was gone.

Fast forward to today with new starter motor in hand. First thing I did was take the brand new motor and hook it straight to the fully charged positive battery lead. Nothing. I am thinking I am crazy or I got a crap motor shipped to me. Does the starter motor in the 230's have to be connected to the relay for it to spin? My logic was to just hook it directly to the battery to do a preliminary test, bypassing the ignition circuit and relay. It even says this as a last ditch effort in the trouble shooting section on page 17-4 of the owners manual (step 6).

If anyone cares, here is a pic of the buggy thus far. something a little different for you to look at. thanks for the help.



Only I can think of is the battery has failed. It needs be under a load to  test. Hook your voltmeter to battery then attach the battery to the starter.

Did that, even took it out to the truck battery just to see. Nothing still. Appreciate the reply.

Some bits on starter motors are painted & don't give a good earth, try earthing the s/motor at a different spot, somewhere shiny, recheck earths on project with continuity test on voltmeter, battery voltage??

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