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Xr 600r, help me identify this pin, found during rebuild.

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Hi again, I'm trying to get a 1900 xr 600r back on the road again after the bottom end exploded.

I've got the case halves back together after cleaning all the shrapnel out of the bearings, replaced the oil pump and a busted primary gear. The trans was dissassembled, cleaned and put back together. I've literally had everything apart down to the crank/rod assembly.

On the floor under my workspace I found a pin, looks like a rod from a roller bearing almost. I'm hoping that someone will recognize it and be able to tell me where it goes. It's completely possible it's not from this project at all and is completely unrelated, my luck however is not that good.

Any ideas?



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Pin for the cam chain tensioner, pin for the decomp shaft, They're both 4mm IIRC


auto decomp pin was my first guess, I've got mine tho.


I've figured out what it was, I got a replacement oil pump and bolted it on, the old one was seized.

 I took the old oil pump apart just to see how it all went wrong, the pin had dropped out of the oil pump drive shaft. It's the drive pin for the oil pump impeller.


This is my first engine tear down, it had me worried.

I'm so glad I don't need to split the cases again...yet.  :thumbsup:

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