Where is this oil leaking of of my engine from?

I went on a long ride this morning with my son up to Calaveras Dome.  About 180 miles round trip.


On the way up, when we would stop, I could see hot oil vapors coming up from the engine.  I was hoping it wasn't overheating, but had a look at the left front of the engine and could see that it was leaking a bit of oil.


It looked like this:



It was only a little bit, so I figured I could deal with it when I got home.  But I was wondering if I had a blown head gasket or some other gasket on the cam cover or something that wasn't installed correctly.  I may have had one or two bad thoughts about my engine builder when thinking of what it might be. :rant:


But after examining it a bit more closely I could see some shiny thing sticking out and touching the fuel tank.  Time to take it off and see what it was.


I was very relieved to see this:



I grabbed an Allen wrench snugged it back up, and we're ready for tomorrow's ride which will involve a lot more dirt.


I'll have to let the engine builder know that he missed one thing.  Of course I also missed one thing - not installing the shift lever properly when I put it on to lift the engine into the frame.  I only discovered that when I dumped the bike trying to turn it around on a dirt hill a couple of weeks ago.


Both of those are fixed and the bike is running just great right now. :thumbsup:


not the first time i`ve seen these come loose......ThumpNRED had one of his come loose if i remember correctly and had never touched it during his rebuild....


These are noted for working loose,..and not always removed during a rebuild ..not something i`d blame on the builder..


I lock-tite these as the manual dictates when i remove them with a small drop of the red stuff since i`ve seen a few come loose..



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These are noted for working loose,..and not always removed during a rebuild ..not something i`d blame on the builder..

I was only "blaming the builder" when I didn't know what the cause was, assuming it was a faulty gasket or something.  I'm sure Steve will get the word one way or the other, in case there's any chance it got missed, and he's still at the top of my list for any engine work I don't want to do myself.


I think I'll dig out the Locktite the next time I have the tank off and attach those more solidly.

Thank the tank for keeping it from comming all the way out!



I didn't tighten the rocker arm shaft simply because I didn't loosen it. It should have stayed tight from the factory. When I do remove a rocker arm shaft I apply a liberal dose of sealant to the threads..


I'm definitely adding applying Locktite to my list of maintenance work to be done.


Thanks for all of the replies on this.

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