Rmx250 with rm250 topend?

Hello everybody

I am going to do a top to bottom rebuild on my rmx250, but I realy dont want to keep the troublsome power valves, even after ive inspected them, I still feel like they will explode at any moment. So my question is, what years of rm250 complete topends will bold straight up the rmx motor, what im realy after is a rm250 with long gears and a big tank, any help is much appreciated.

What year RMX do you have?


I did install a '94 RM250 power valve assembly in my '95 RMX, dropped right in and worked great.  I did lose some low end and midrange, install some Boyesen Pro Series reeds and you'll get some of the mid range back, even more with an FMF Fatty pipe.  Suzuki did make the exhaust port smaller on the '92 RM250 (I think it was that year) so the power valve profile "might" have changed then.

I have a 2000 rmx, I would realy like to have the whole rm topend though, just need to know which years fit. Thanks for the reccomendations with regard to exhaust and reeds though :ride:

A 2000 model RMX, and you are from New Zealand.... There is every chance your bike differs from the 89 to 96 RMX bikes found in Europe and the USA.

The later type models sometimes have a cylinder with a blade type PV system, unlike the earlier bikes.

You really need to post up some pics of what you have before we can help.

The internal porting is "really" close, but if you insist you can get a complete top end off of a '95 RM250 and it will bolt on.  That's as new as you can go.  You also need to get the cylinder head for the '95 cylinder.  That's because in '92 the RM250's went to an O-ring style head gasket and to accommodate the O-rings they had to grow the overall outside diameter of the cylinder.  That's why your cylinder head will not work with the '95 cylinder.  From there you will need to make a new head to frame mount and the radiator hoses won't be right.  But again, that cylinder will bolt onto your bottom end.


FWIW, a 2000 MY RMX250 non-US model should look something like this (only with different graphics).  It's a mix of the original RMX engine, and a cross between the original chassis and a '95 thru 2000 RM250 chassis and plastic.


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