XR650L or DRZ400S?

Hi guys


As you can see I am new to the Forum.


I have done a lot of riding in the past, from motor cross to endure. I have always rode Honda in the past so I am partial to them. My last bike was a CR250 in 1990. I have not been riding since then but am ready to get back into it. I Plan to mostly trail ride and would like to ride the Trans America trail. So I am looking at dual sports, I prefer a bike that is more dirt than street. I have narrowed it down to the XR650 and the DRZ400. The DR650 fells to short and compact for me. I am 6'2" and 210LBS.

So let me have it. Recommendation on which is the better bike.

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DRZ400 is a much more capable dirt machine. Lighter too. 

Drz400, less money new, lighter, better power to weight, late 90s tech vs. early 80s tech, can add a kickstart....

The drz is an under powered joke.

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