piston check up

Well I decided it was time for a new piston after a years worth of hard racing. Last week I pulled the old one out and threw in a wiseco. I went to the track Saturday the get a full break in on this monster. Rode it hard after the initial ride and ran great like usual. I also tinkered with jetting to find a good setting (needle/pilot) since it was about 100 degrees. Today at work I was curious to see what the piston crown looked like after the first ride. So I pulled the head off to check it out and saw that it looked like it was all good to me. What do y'all think? Does it look alright? lemme know you thoughts...


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Looks pretty standard for 3-10 hours.

Cool, jetting was red needle #2 and 50 pilot with 175 main. Like I said it was around 90-100 degrees. Fmf fatty w/tc2, and boyesson rad valve.

Forgot to mention that I'm running yamalube 2r 32:1

"Today at work"..... Jealous

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