cylinder interchange

what years of cylinders and heads will interchange with a 93 RM250? i just got the bike and the cylinder and head are toast. i was wondering if i could use other years as long as i use the head, cylinder and piston kit all for the same year. been looking on ebay and cant find a good used one for a 93. thanks in advance.

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A 93 model should be using a cylinder designed for the O ring type head gasket. If that is the case then a cylinder from a 91 through to 95 may fit *

A 93 model should also have the bracket on the head to the frame at the rear, unlike the 91 and 92 that had the bracket towards the front. So a 93 to 95 head should work.


* It would be an idea to check the diameter where the exhaust pipe fits into the cylinder in case the dimensions vary. I can't recall off the top of my head when the change happened but the port diameter at the headpipe got two port sizes, the smaller being 50mm, larger being 54mm.


Might be and idea to post up a pic or two of your own parts, and post a link to any bits you are thinking of buying so we can make sure they are going to work.

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i waas afraid of that. ita all 1993 but i was hoping i could use other years besides 93-95. i've had no luck finding any used on ebay that are ready to bolt on.i dont mind modifying things like head brackets to work but i did not want to buy other years and have the piston hit the head or something. thanks for the ino

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